We still had two days left for the use of the car I was driving, so we used it for sightseeing. We went to Chinatown than to Sunset Boulevard. That is when the Hare Krishna was still around and it was a circus. You had to be there back in that era. Hippies, flower […]



This my last long trip by car. My brother and a friend and his girlfriend took two cars to be delivered to Los Angles. We are going to a wedding of friends. The cars cost us $75 each and would get our money back when delivered to the owners. They gave us a route and […]


We left the dunes and found a few friendly casinos and played all night. In the three days, I was there I got about eight hours sleep. That morning we climbed into my car and headed for a legal house of ill-repute. We drove sixty miles to get to it. It sat in the middle […]


I left Phoenix early as it was a long drive. The road I was traveling was called “Joshua Forest Parkway”. It was on a part of the road where these giant cactus grew. They were called Joshua cactus. Very interesting design. I drove through Kingman Arizona and seen the largest airplane junkyard. Never seen that […]

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I have been busy these last two days. I put new faucets in kitchen and bathroom. If anyone has done that they know how I feel. You have to be a contortionist. I hurt everywhere, but I finally finished. When you think everything is done and then turn on the water and it leaks. Then […]


I left the campground early as I was driving to Tombstone and then to Phoenix. I took back roads to Tombstone and the scenery was unreal. I drove through the copper mines in Bisbee Arizona. Got to Tombstone and it surprised me as how high they were. It is the high mesa.

First thing I did was get me a pair of shoes. My blisters were hurting. I walked around and checked out the old bars and visited the OK Corral.


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Yesterday I was starting my climb up Guadalupe Peak. That trail is what you followed. In some places it was straight down. When we got to the tree line it was a different from all the rocky ground I had walked thru. The person that was walking with me said this is where the mountain lions hang out. We were only half way there and I was done in. Well, he talked me in to keep going, so I did. Which I am glad I did.

Image (9)

This is the tree line before getting  to the top. Here are a few more pictures before the top.

Image (10)

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My arrival to the caverns. It was a beautiful day, cool cause it was still March. The main entrance was a place to get tickets and to buy trinkets. I got my ticket and I can’t remember how many people were in are group. You walked down and down and down. There we lights along […]