Zeke’s Blog

Thank you Mitt Romney. He is the only Republican to vote for impeachment. The trial”if you can call it that”, had no witnesses. The Democrats weren’t allowed to question any of Trump’s inner circle.

Trump is nothing but a liar, bully, wife cheater and more things than I can write of. The Senate Republicans are scared of the man. “WHY” His state of the Union speech was full of lies. He never said anything about what this country needs. Healthcare, how to lower our deficit, which is out of control.

Fallwell Jr. on stage said, “what Trump and his sex with other women while being married is between him and God”. Then if a woman wants an abortion, isn’t that between her and God? Most Christians are hypocrites.

The tax break he gave us Americans, only helped the rich, How has it affected you? I have no deductions to claim. The wife and I got a forty dollar a month raise for this year. I pay $135.00 a month for an inhaler.



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