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For many years I have had bad nightmares. I yell and scream and have fallen out of bed numerous times. Last week I found myself on the floor after running my head into the door. Also, I scraped my side causing bleeding. Two nights later I fell and landed on the back of my neck. Never have I experienced such pain.

The wife took me to the hospital and had e-rays taken. No breaks. I have a cervical sprain. I am wearing a neck collar. my family doctor has the flu and I can’t see her till Monday.



One thought on “Zeke’s Blog

  1. Oh Grandpa, I wish I could just pluck you out of Ohio and bring you down south so we can take care of you! And Grandma too!
    Jeff suffers from terrors like that too! Remember he too fell out of bed when we visited. Maybe the south isn’t for us either, maybe we all need to move to the west so we can smoke ourselves into relaxation and health! Hahaha
    I love you and Grandma SO VERY MUCH!! If you need a hand up there please let me know!!

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