I have been off my blog site for quite a while. Again, I have deactivated my facebook. I am looking forward to a “20/20 vision”.

Last year in retrospect. Put up the pool. My brother and I fixed the road to the cabin. Summertime we had visits From my Son and my Grandson and his family. Great fun. We only got on the lake once. “No fish”. Thanksgiving my Granddaughter and her family, Plus my son and Grandson also came so that my Grandson could go deer hunting.

The opening day of deer season my Grandson got a deer.  He was a happy camper. We also lost a good friend due to LGD. So far we have had a mild winter.

I will try posting more often.



One thought on “Blogs

  1. That’s awesome dad!! The 2020 elections are going to be crazy and we don’t need that stress! We will never change anyone’s thinking so it’s best to just leave it be! I look forward to more visits this year!! Love you!

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