My Granddaughter asked me how I could make all these trips. Well, I was divorced and after twenty years of living out of a suitcase, missing weddings, birthdays, funerals and holidays are company was paying men to quit. I went with the hippie generation. I had an older trailer in the country, so I had a few bills.

So for about five years, I didn’t work. I nickeled and dimed it. When my pocket was full I left and took trips and lived a nomad style. I had a lot of fun and many adventures. But I crossed a bridge and couldn’t get back. Even though I had fun, quiting my job was the dumbest thing I ever did.

After seeing my money well drying up, I knew it was time to go back to work. I bought a grocery store where I was living and after a year it burn’t down. I was then with my new wife and got a job in Florida where we lived for about a year and got divorced. I moved back to my trailer and my ex moved back to Ohio. We got back together and remarried. I got a job driving an oil truck. Then this railroad job came up and I took it and worked it till retirement.

Do I regret my decision, yes nd no. I still have itchy feet. There is so much to see in America. Me and B. also traveled a lot. We visited your dad wherever he was stationed, plus trips to Mexico, Texas. We went up Pikes peak. Drove through canyons in Colorado, Taos New Mexico and many other places, and I have pictures of all are trips.

I hope that answers your question. Love you.



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