We still had two days left for the use of the car I was driving, so we used it for sightseeing. We went to Chinatown than to Sunset Boulevard. That is when the Hare Krishna was still around and it was a circus. You had to be there back in that era. Hippies, flower children and an assortment of people who seemed pleased to be part of the activities going on. Next night we went to Santa Monica beach. I was my first look at the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Stand there wondering what it would have been like to sail to the Orient. Those sailors were like the pioneers traveling in Conestoga wagons.

My ancestors got to Ohio and said far enough. Think what it would it have been like if they kept going. Well, we turned in my car and rented another to get to Vagas. It was dark going to Vegas and all you saw was tail lights for miles. Arrived in Vagas and got our rooms.

Our friends went to a chapel and got married. Then we went to a restaurant and are the buddy who got married was drunk as a skunk. He ordered three meals all with mashed potatoes which he ate with he ate with his hands. He was throwing mashed potatoes like Belushi in Animal House. I had to get out of there before we got thrown out. He and his wife were so drunk they kept locking themselves out of there room. What a night.

Our friends left and my Brother got a flight home. I stayed and we rented a car to get to Phoenix. I stayed for a few days and finally flew home. What a trip!



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