We left the dunes and found a few friendly casinos and played all night. In the three days, I was there I got about eight hours sleep. That morning we climbed into my car and headed for a legal house of ill-repute. We drove sixty miles to get to it. It sat in the middle of the desert and was fenced in compound. It was called the Cherry Patch Ranch. The buildings were all mobile homes. We drove to the bar and we all had a good time.

Imagewest2Image (15)

These are some of the pictures I took. Vegas at night and in the daytime. Got back to Vegas late. the thing about Vegas at that time was run by the mob. Free drinks and cigarettes, if you were at a table. Breakfast buffet $1.99 and lunch and dinner. $.99 shrimp cocktails. Then the big business took over and everything changed. It was no longer Vegas.

The next day my friends were going to the airport to fly home. I was leaving for a long drive home. I headed out on route 15 for Utah. I didn’t have much money left. Along the way I picked up a hitchhiker who was going to Detroit. It took me thirty five hours of driving straight through. When I got home it took me three days to recover. Never again. I have no idea where to next. Canada, los Angles. I guess we will have to wait.


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