I left Phoenix early as it was a long drive. The road I was traveling was called “Joshua Forest Parkway”. It was on a part of the road where these giant cactus grew. They were called Joshua cactus. Very interesting design.

I drove through Kingman Arizona and seen the largest airplane junkyard. Never seen that many planes all parked in perfect order. From there I drove to Hoover Dam. I parked the car and walked over the dam and took in all the sights. On the way to the dam, you were driving past canyons and at every opening, the gust of wind would move my car almost into the opposing lane. I had callous on top of callous holding on to the steering wheel.

I can’t find the pictures of the dam. Got to Vegas late and my friends were there. I crashed on the floor of there room and slept. That evening we went to Casesurs Palace. I went to a blackjack table and the guy sitting next to me said I play a decent game and if I wanted to make some money.

I said “yes” and he said bet what I do. After we played for a while, there was a tap on mine and the other player asking us to come with them. My buddies were standing around gaping. I just shrugged and went with these gentlemen. They took us to a room and told me to wait while they took him in. A while later he came out and said let’s go as we have been kicked out. He said come with me and I shrugged again to my buddies. We got in his car and went to the Dunes. We just sat down when the pit boss asked us to leave.

More information coming.



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