Yesterday I was starting my climb up Guadalupe Peak. That trail is what you followed. In some places it was straight down. When we got to the tree line it was a different from all the rocky ground I had walked thru. The person that was walking with me said this is where the mountain lions hang out. We were only half way there and I was done in. Well, he talked me in to keep going, so I did. Which I am glad I did.

Image (9)

This is the tree line before getting  to the top. Here are a few more pictures before the top.

Image (10)

These bridges built by the rangers. Looks like a tough job. Well I made it to the top. I was dead tired. The view was astounding looking over the salt flats. There was a monument built for the air plane pilots who flew the mail through these canyonsImage (12)Image (11)

okie21This is me walking back down. When we got back to camp, I had blisters on blisters. The group said that they were going to walk the seven mile ranch trail and wanted me to come along. I couldn’t do it account of my blisters. I left in the morning heading for Tombstone Arizona.


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