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My arrival to the caverns. It was a beautiful day, cool cause it was still March. The main entrance was a place to get tickets and to buy trinkets. I got my ticket and I can’t remember how many people were in are group. You walked down and down and down.

There we lights along the paved path and the views were outstanding in terms of how long the caverns have been there. They turned out the lights about half way down, and you couldn’t see nothing but darkness. It took about an hour or so to get to the bottom. At the bottom was a large room where you could wander around. They had an elevator for getting back to the top.

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This is the opening to the cave where at night all the bats come out of. They gather guano for use as fertilizer. I didn’t see any bats. There was an eight mile road around the caverns. It was very interesting as I saw many mule deer.


I left and drove about ten miles to a campground called Gudadalupe National Park in Texas. It was a campground and I had with me a cookstove, sleeping bag and pots to make coffee. Guadalupe Peak is the highest Mountain in Texas. I met a few campers who were quit friendly. One women was from Australia and was riding her bike across America. One of the campers asked if I wanted to climb the mountain tomorrow. “Heck ya”. Big mistake.

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I wasn’t equipped for hiking. I put two sodas in my coat pockets and off we went. I had new hiking shoes. This is me starting out.



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