We set off in the morning, heading for Oklahoma. No troubles till we got to Missouri and ran into an ice storm. Took a motel and spent the night. Next morning the ice was gone. We got to Ponca City and found my friends sons house. While waiting for him to come home from work we went to a bar for a drink.

The bars in Oklahoma are different then Ohio. You could only order beer. For mixed drinks you had to belong to a club. And then you had to bring your own bottle and they charged for the drink, even though you bought the bottle. That evening we had a snow storm. Ponca City has no equipment for this much snow, which was a lot.

I was stuck there for three days. I finally got on the road again. I still had to drive thru a blizzard until I got to Texas and it got warmer. I was heading for Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I stayed on back roads mostly so I could the realness. I got to Hobbs New Mexico. It was rainy and dark. I stopped at a motel and found out it was a dump. Two hour drive to the Caverns. So I kept going and found a nice motel. Next morning I drove to the Caverns. About a thirty minute drive.


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