Oh Canada

 We headed out early and had no trouble getting through customs. Going through Toronto a car past us and I said to the boys “he mustn’t have a muffler. When he got by and other cars were passing the noise was still with us. I pulled over and my muffler came away from my head pipe. No tools so we drove on. When we got to the fishing camp we were deaf.

The owner had tools, so I used a soup can to tie it back together, what a difference in noise.

This is the cabin we stayed in. If the sun was out, you went outside to get warm. We got in late and my Mother had perch frying.

In the morning we got the minnow nets and put a rock in the net with flour. Drop the net and wait for minnows. The reason we had to get minnows that way was the owner did not want any other fish in the lakes.

When we had enough minnows we would fish for perch. Around  noon we would head back to camp and fillet what we caught and eat as many as we could. You had to leave the skin on what we were taking home account the fisheries people would check what kind of fish you had. you could take all the perch you wanted but only six Walleye. After eating we would get more minnows and go Walleye  fishing.Image (4)


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