Starting Anew

This has been a bad year for Betty and I. She had a foot of her colon taken out. She is doing well and almost back to normal. I will know when that happens, because she hasn’t chased me thru the house with a meat clever yet.

I am being treated for Parkinson disease. I haven’t smelt or tasted anything in five years. I have bad dreams, lose my balance, but I am doing good. “Shit happens” .

If you go to media, there are pictures of your Great Great grandfather and grandmother.

I will try and post most of the pictures of my trips and explain what they are about. So you will have something to look forward to. Tell your sisters.49938131_10212958123683664_1171353511376453632_n


One thought on “Starting Anew

  1. Dang we look good! I wish every night before bed that we could all get together at your house just ooonneeee more time. ALL of my most favorites memories are at your house.

    I love you,

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