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Today it is cold and rainy. Yesterday was mild and sunny, with a high of forty five degrees. Haven’t taken the boat out yet, as it is either cold or windy.Next week, it is supposed to be warm and sunny with highs in the sixties and seventies.

Betty and I went to Hinesville Ga. for are granddaughter’s wedding in February. We flew Delta from Akron to Savannah. with a lay-over in Atlanta Ga. It was foggy in Atlanta which caused us to be delayed for a few hours. After arriving in Savannah, are car we rented was ready and we then left for Hinesville. Are motel room was ready and we unpacked and went to are Granddaughter’s who had no idea we were coming. It totally surprised her. This was on a Thursday as the wedding will be Saturday.

All day Friday and Saturday, Tim’s (this is Brittney’s soon to be husband) family are from Guam and they and there friends did all the cooking for the reception. It was interesting time we had watching them prepare all the food. They had a pig which they butchered the day of the wedding and pigeons. We sampled everything they were making and it was different and good.

My boy’s were there from Virginia and Alabama. All the family from Brittney’s side were there, plus all my Great-Grandkids. It was like a family reunion, as we haven’t seen are Grandkids in ages. Aso, my one boy is going to Japan for three years, which gave everyone a chance to say good-by.

Saturday, the day of the wedding they butchered the pig and pigeons, plus all the chicken and ribs which they chopped very finely for there ethnic dishes. The wedding was perfect as was the reception. It started raining during the reception but that didn’t us from having a good time. We then went to Brittney’s sister’s where they had the garage set up with tables and chair’s. The most interesting thing was a group of their friends sitting around with ukulele and guitar’s. They played music and sang songs from Hawaii and from there native Guam. They were excellent! Another person did a rap song and it blew one’s mind.

Sunday we went to Savannah to a different motel by the airport, as we are leaving Monday morning. We toured the waterfront and had a good ol time. We left from Savannah to Akron with a lay-over in Atlanta arriving in the afternoon. I believe everyone had a great time, and if they didn’t then it is their fault.

The picture is of my Granddaughter and her husband and there kids,Marley and Alinah.


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