Piedmont Lake News

Here the lake is frozen. Their must be over a hundred geese out there. People are ice fishing. I wouldn’t be out on the ice yet. The weather around the world is crazy. The nut cases who claim “global warming” is not true because of the snow and cold, don’t understand. It is not global warming, but,”climate change”.

I see where are educated kids can’t pass the army recruitment test. Over one-quarter fail. Don’t that tell people are education system is broken. But yet we will spend are tax money on wars. I hope are young people wake up and become involved in getting this system on the right track.

For those who are thinking about buying an e-reader. I have a kindle and love it. I do not like to be rushed in reading a book. If I get a library book, I can never get it read by the due date.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas. Family and friends.


2 thoughts on “Piedmont Lake News

  1. That’s right, global warming causes global cooling. It’s so simple. When I say this to AGW believers, their eyes glaze over, they get a warm and fuzzy feeling and they nod quietly because it makes complete sense to them. When I say this to climate deniers, their face twists up like I just made a bad smell.

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