Piedmont Lake News

This is a picture of main street,Piedmont Ohio. Are only business in town is the Post Office. These houses have been in this condition for many, many years. I will post a picture on every post. It is quite pathetic, as to why we have to live like this. It seems like nothing , from the Township level, to the state level can be done to clean these dilapidated houses.

We attended a Christmas Party last night at the Eagles in Cadiz. Good time had by all. As we looked around at the small crowd, we thought back as to all the members who have passed away. When we lose a member, it is hard to recruit new members. We also have an American Legion in Cadiz, and most people are members of both. The young people desire not to participate by joining, which I can understand. The clubs are more for older persons, and married.

Right now it is snowing big time. It reminds me of my days on the Railroad. We worked the coal mines. At one mine they had a gob pile. That is the after residue from the coal. When I first seen smoke coming from the pile, I thought it was on fire. Later I found out that in the gob pile lived Trolls. They were an amazing creature. Long fingers and long legs. They were blind and moved by their sense of logic. I’ll tell more about the Trolls at another time.


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