Piedmont Lake News

Another month has passed. The leaves are mostly gone and a chill is in the air.

Halloween was here,

and now we wait another year.

We live so far out in the sticks, we never have any children to give candy to. Remember the olden days when we were young and had bag after bag of candy. No one was afraid to let there kid’s go treating by themselves, unless they were very young. What has happened, to those day’s of  year’s past?

Days of yore,

are no more.

The grass was coated in white. Frost on the windshield. Furnace is running. What to do, OH, what to do. The Piedmont Fire Department are having there yearly craft show next weekend. Plan to attend, as proceeds go to the fire department. There has been an influx of Amish moving into the area. Be alert when driving. Also the deer are out running. I saw  to big bucks. Trophy’s.

Piedmont Lake






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