We set off in the morning, heading for Oklahoma. No troubles till we got to Missouri and ran into an ice storm. Took a motel and spent the night. Next morning the ice was gone. We got to Ponca City and found my friends sons house. While waiting for him to come home from work […]

From Piedmont

I am still getting pictures scanned for my next trip. It will take us to Oklahoma,New Mexico and Arizona and Nevada and Texas. I took a friend of mine to Oklahoma when he heard I was driving to Vegas. He wanted to visit his son, who I knew.  He lived in Ponca City, then I […]

zekezz’s blog

Smell, hearing, taste, Having none is such a waste. Savor the sweetness of a lobster, Smelling the aroma of a rose. Hearing the singing of a Whippoorwill, Only remembrance still. GZ

My first trip West

This was back in the late 70s. A friend said he was flying to Phoenix to buy a car and drive back. He asked me along. I had never flow before and was quite edgy. I don’t remember much of the flight. We landed in Phoenix and neither of us could walk. We were smashed, […]